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The Van Der Waals Model is an improvement on the Ideal Gas Law. It takes a finite particle volume and inter-particle forces into account. This involves the introduction of two co-efficients which are absent from the Ideal Gas Law.

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Video # Video Tutori­al Title Remarks
1 Van der Waals 1/3 An improve­ment on the ideal gas law by includ­ing a finite particle volume and inter­particle potential
2 Van der Waals 2/3 Gibbs’ Free Energy asso­ci­ated with the Van der Waals Model
3 Max­well Con­struc­tion (Van der Waals 3/3) Phase changes dis­cussed in light of the Van der Waals Model
4 Joule Thompson Throt­tling / Adia­bat­ic Cooling Cool­ing a gas by trans­fer­ring Kin­et­ic Energy to Poten­tial Energy


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