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Entropy is the driv­ing force towards equi­lib­ri­um in the uni­verse. It drives all heat and of course leads to the concept of tem­per­at­ure. Entropy is an abso­lutely fun­da­ment­al the­or­et­ic­al concept and all phys­ics majors should have a good under­stand­ing of it. Essen­tially, entropy is the nat­ur­al log­ar­ithm of the mul­ti­pli­city of states of a sys­tem (mul­ti­plied by Boltzmann’s Constant).

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Video # Video Tutori­al Title Remarks
1 The Mean­ing of Tem­per­at­ure and Heat Is tem­per­at­ure a fun­da­ment­al quant­ity? What’s the dif­fer­ence between temp and heat?
2 The First Law of Thermodynamics ΔU = Q + W
3 Enthalpy H = U + PV = intern­al energy + energy to make room for a system
4 Ein­stein Solids 1 Macro & Micro state mul­ti­pli­cit­ies of 2 state sys­tems; non inter­act­ing particles (coins) (Bosons)
5 Ein­stein Solids 2 Micro­state Mul­ti­pli­city when we dis­trib­ute energy amongst vari­ous lin­ear har­mon­ic oscillators
6 Ein­stein Solids 3 Using E.S.1 and E.S.2 to dis­cov­er the real mean­ing of heat
7 Stirling’s Approx­im­a­tion A deriv­a­tion of this approx­im­a­tion for factori­al of a nat­ur­al logarithm
8 Taylor / Mac­Laur­in Series (1+x)n  See why (1+x)(1/2) ~= 1+x/2
9 Mul­ti­pli­city of an Ideal Gas (mon­atom­ic) Gibbs’ Free Energy per Particle
10 Ein­stein Solids 4 The mul­ti­pli­city for a large Ein­stein Sol­id (requires Taylor Series and Stirling’s Approximation)
11 Ein­stein Solids 5 The sharp­ness of the mul­ti­pli­city func­tion. N.B., for Entropy12 The sharp­ness of the mul­ti­pli­city func­tion. N.B., for Entropy
12 The Second Law of Thermodynamics Entropy = S = k.ln(w)
13 Entropy What is Entropy?15
14 Entropy and Temperature Deriv­ing a gen­er­al for­mula for tem­per­at­ure T = Us
15 Entropy VS Energy Graphs Dis­cuss­ing the sig­ni­fic­ance of the graph’s slope
16 Third Law of Ther­mody­anam­ics 1/2 As the tem­per­at­ure approaches zero, so does Cv and the Entropy
17 Third Law of Ther­mo­dy­nam­ics 2/2 The net increase in Entropy is the driv­ing force of heat


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