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  Ref­er­ence Text­books : List­ing great text­books and where to get them!

  • Many of us are unfor­tu­nate to have been sub­jec­ted to poorly writ­ten or con­struc­ted text­books, or text­books which are pitched at a dif­fer­ent level to that where you are.
  • For­tu­nately, there are very many excel­lent text­books out there and this page is ded­ic­ated to list­ing those text­books which I have found to be use­ful. If you have a book or books which you feel are worthy of inclu­sion, then please feel free to sug­gest them via Facebook.
  • Text­books are quite an expens­ive pur­chase, how­ever a great text­book is less of a pur­chase and more of an invest­ment. I was advised in the past by Pro­fess­or Emer­it­us Frank Imbusch of NUI Gal­way that a lib­rary of excel­lent text­books is a sig­ni­fic­ant asset. Per­son­ally I think that a good lib­rary is almost worth its (sig­ni­fic­ant) weight in gold!
  • Vis­it for very afford­able phys­ics text­books. (It’s less use­ful for oth­er sub­jects; but luck plays a part of course!)
  • Solu­tions manu­als are hard to come by as a stu­dent (because of cheat­ing I sup­pose), how­ever in my opin­ion they are an indis­pens­able resource. I recom­mend get­ting the solu­tions manu­als to all of your text­books. This will mean that you’ll always have step by step deriv­a­tions etc., as you need them.
Cat­egory Text­book Title Author(s) Indis­pens­able?
Applied Phys­ics      
  Opto­elec­tron­ics Wilson & Hawkes  
  Uni­ver­sity Phys­ics with Mod­ern Physics Young & Freedman Yes
  Chem­istry Live Kennedy  
Mod­ern Physics Eis­berg
  Intro­duc­tion to Electrodynamics Grif­fiths Yes
Quantum Mech­an­ics      
  Intro­duc­tion to Quantum Mechanics Grif­fiths  
  Quantum Mech­an­ics McIntyre  
Mod­ern Quantum Mechanics Sak­ur­ai
  Prin­ciples of Optics Born & Wolf  
  Optics Hecht Yes
  The Four­i­er Trans­form & its Applications Bracewell  
  Intro­duc­tion to Four­i­er Optics Good­man  
Sol­id State Physics      
  Sol­id State Physics Kit­tel  Yes
  Sol­id State Physics Ash­croft & Mermin  
  Semi­con­duct­or Mater­i­als and Devices Tyagi  
  Phys­ics of Semi­con­duct­or Devices Zse  Yes
  Thermal Phys­ics Schroeder Yes
  Three Phases of Matter Walton  
  Vec­tor Calculus Col­ley  
  Advanced Engin­eer­ing Mathematics Kreyzig  Yes
Math­em­at­ic­al Meth­ods in the Phys­ic­al Sciences Boas Yes
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