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Pop­u­lar sci­ence books : List­ing great reads and where you can buy them at a great price!

  • My favourite bookA few years back I had the pleas­ure of read­ing Richard Feyman’s ‘Surely you’re jok­ing Mr. Feyn­man?’ This is my favour­ite book 🙂 . I passed my copy to many of my friends and col­leagues who all thought it that was funny, inter­est­ing and simply superb! If you’re inter­ested in sci­ence, you must read it!
  • * = A par­tic­u­larly great read.
  • ** = A per­son­al favour­ite read.
  • *** = An indis­pens­able read.

Gen­er­al Science

 ** *** *

The­or­et­ic­al Physics

*** * ** * **


Gen­er­al Physics



Are you Try­ing to Build your Lib­rary? Try These!



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