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Elec­tro­stat­ics is the study of the Elec­tric Field of sta­tion­ary charges. Although the study of mov­ing charges (Elec­tro­dynam­ics) res­ults in all mod­ern day elec­tron­ics etc., Elec­tro­stat­ics is the found­a­tion or build­ing blocks upon which the the­ory of Elec­tro­dynam­ics is built. The cen­ter of Elec­tro­stat­ics is cal­cu­lat­ing the Elec­tric Field pro­duced by accu­mu­la­tions of charge. There­after, one can ana­lyse the elec­tro­stat­ic force on charged particles. This is basic­ally the applic­a­tion Coulomb’s Law. How­ever, just like life, things are not quite that simple. Unfor­tu­nately, the math­em­at­ics is quite cum­ber­some due to the vec­tor nature of the Elec­tric Field. There­fore, the study of Elec­tro­stat­ics is really about defin­ing a scal­ar elec­tric poten­tial and using this poten­tial in order to eval­u­ate the field and the force it pro­duces. Much time and effort is devoted to the elec­tric poten­tial and apply­ing a power series expan­sion to it. (As an import­ant aside; I have found that tra­di­tion­al lec­ture courses gloss over the the­ory sur­round­ing the scal­ar [and later vec­tor] poten­tials. This is prob­ably for good reas­on as the Helm­holtz The­or­em is pretty tedi­ous Vec­tor Cal­cu­lus. None the less, I attempt to derive almost all terms/theorems/quantities which I use. See my Vec­tor Cal­cu­lus for Elec­tro­mag­net­ism video tutori­al series for more.) As a final point, this sec­tion is much longer than its sis­ter sec­tion Mag­neto­stat­ics. This is because I intro­duce many math­em­at­ic­al tech­niques and tricks while study­ing Elec­tro­stat­ics; most of which carry over to Mag­neto­stat­ics and Electrodynamics.

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Video # Video Tutori­al Title Remarks
1 Coulomb’s Law Describes the elec­tro­stat­ic force between charged particles
2 The Elec­tric Field The medi­um by which the E.M., force is transmitted
3 a The Elec­tric Field of a Straight Wire 1/2 Lin­ear sym­metry in the lim­its of  z»L and z«L
3 b The Elec­tric Field of a Wire Without sym­metry
4 The Elec­tric Field of a Square Wire Meas­ured about the square
5 The Elec­tric Field of a Cir­cu­lar Wire Loop Meas­ured above the loop
6 The Elec­tric Field of a Spher­ic­al Shell 1/2 A uni­formly charged thin spher­ic­al shell
7 The Elec­tric Field of a Charged Con­duct­ing Sphere 1/2 A uni­formly charged sol­id sphere
8    Not yet recorded
9 Gauss’ Law A sur­pris­ing dif­fi­cult top­ics which is dis­cussed here in quite great depth
10 Gauss’ Law Example For a cubic Gaus­si­an Surface
11 Diver­gence of the Elec­tric Field ∇⋅: Used IOT sim­pli­fy Gauss’ Law using a dif­fer­en­tial form
12 The Elec­tric Field of a Charged Con­duct­ing Sphere 2/2 Using the dif­fer­en­tial form of Gauss’ Law
13 Gauss’ Law and Symmetry Using a cube, pill­box, sphere or cylinder
14 The Elec­tric Field of an Infin­ite Plane An inter­est­ing and sur­pris­ing result!
15 The Elec­tric Field of a Wire 2/2 Using Gauss’ Law rather than the pain in the face mathematics
16  The Elec­tric Field of a Capacitor An import­ant derivation
17 The Elec­tric Field of a Spher­ic­al Shell 2/2 Using Gauss’ Law
18   Not yet recorded 🙁
19 Elec­tric Potential Math­em­at­ic­al Derivation
20 Elec­tric Potential Phys­ic­al inter­pret­a­tion of potential
21 Elec­tric Poten­tial Example 1/3 Spher­ic­al Con­duct­ing Shell
22 Elec­tric Poten­tial Example 2/3 Uni­formly Charged Sol­id Sphere
23 Elec­tric Poten­tial Example 3/3 Not yet recorded 🙁
24   Not yet recorded 🙁
25   Not yet recorded 🙁
26 Elec­tro­stat­ic Bound­ary Conditions Rules for the field upon inter­ac­tion with a bound­ary or surface
27 Work Done to Move an Elec­tric Charge Work done (meas­ured in joules) when we assemble a col­lec­tion of charges
28 Elec­tro­stat­ic Energy How the elec­tro­stat­ic energy is stored in either the charge or the field
29 Elec­tric Prop­er­ties of Conductors Very import­ant for the prac­tic­al applic­a­tion of the theory
30 Radi­ation Pressure EM waves exert force and carry momentum there­fore they can exert a pres­sure on bodies
26 Energy Stored in a Par­al­lel Plate Capacitor  
27 Phys­ic­al Elec­tric Dipole Two charges sep­ar­ated by a finite distance
28 Mul­ti­pole Expan­sion for Elec­tric Potential Power Series Expan­sion of the Elec­tric Potential


elec­tro­stat­ics mag­neto­stat­ics maxwell’s equa­tions elec­tric poten­tial coulomb’s law elec­tro­stat­ics mag­neto­stat­ics maxwell’s equa­tions elec­tric poten­tial coulomb’s law elec­tro­stat­ics mag­neto­stat­ics maxwell’s equa­tions elec­tric poten­tial coulomb’s law elec­tro­stat­ics mag­neto­stat­ics maxwell’s equa­tions elec­tric poten­tial coulomb’s law 

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