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  • What is a Representation Course

    by Adam Beatty 6 Lessons in 10.50

    What is a Representation in Quantum Mechanics

    What is a Rep­res­ent­a­tion in Quantum Mechanics

  • Maths for Quantum Mechanics Course

    by Adam Beatty 33 Lessons in 35.00

    Maths for Quantum Mechanics

    This page con­tains a grow­ing lib­rary of tutori­al videos on the math­em­at­ics for Quantum Mech­an­ics for begin­ners. As we all know, one can’t do Phys­ics without Maths. Well, we cer­tainly can’t do Quantum Mech­an­ics without a strong ground­ing in maths. I’m…

  • Differential Equations Course

    by Adam Beatty 0 Lessons in


  • The Characteristic Equation

    by Adam Beatty 6 Lessons in

    Characteristic Equation Differential Equations

    The Char­ac­ter­ist­ic Equa­tion is used to solve Second-order Lin­ear Ordin­ary Dif­fer­en­tial Equa­tions. It’s incred­ibly simple to use and very power­ful too. If you’re study­ing Sci­ence (par­tic­u­larly phys­ics) you’ll see it every­where! Being able to simply write-down a solu­tion to a…

  • Time Independent Schrodinger Equation (TISE)

    by Adam Beatty 8 Lessons in 7.50


    Solv­ing the Time Inde­pend­ent Sch­rodinger Equa­tion (TISE) is Quantum Mech­an­ics 101. Unfor­tu­nately, some­times instruct­ors get things off to a bad start by not­ing the solu­tions — as though they came from thin air!!! 😕 Per­son­ally, this threw me — when it shouldn’t!…

  • Discussion of the Fourier Transform

    by Adam Beatty 7 Lessons in 13.50

    Frequency Space

    This Four­i­er Trans­form Dis­cus­sion  brings togeth­er Four­i­er Series and Real Four­i­er Integ­rals and the deriv­a­tion into one place. Much of the pre­vi­ous con­tent is re-it­er­­­ated with the inten­tion of bet­ter under­stand­ing and famili­ar­ity. This mod­ule is a sub­set of the Maths for Quantum…

  • Derivation of the Fourier Transform

    by Adam Beatty 4 Lessons in 5.50

    This Four­i­er Trans­form Deriv­a­tion  brings togeth­er Four­i­er Series and Real Four­i­er Integ­rals. It uses the concept of Euler’s The­or­em to con­vert the Real Four­i­er Integ­rals to Com­plex Four­i­er Integ­rals. There­after, a math­em­at­ic­al ‘sleight-of-hand’ elu­cid­ates the Four­i­er Trans­form! Under­stand­ing the Four­i­er Transform…

  • Real Fourier Integrals

    by Adam Beatty 4 Lessons in 5.50

    Real Fourier Integrals: Fourier Cosine and Sine Transforms

    Real Four­i­er Integ­rals  begin with dis­crete Four­i­er Series and open the door to the Four­i­er Trans­form (via the Com­plex Four­i­er Integ­ral) — and indeed the Laplace Trans­form. Check out the full course here. This mod­ule is a sub­set of the…

  • Fourier Series

    by Adam Beatty 4 Lessons in 5.50

    Fourier Series

    Four­i­er Series are the back­bone of the Four­i­er Trans­form  — and indeed the Laplace Trans­form. This page provides links to detailed worked prob­lems (in PDF format) along with 3 video tutori­als for you to under­stand Four­i­er Series. This mod­ule is…

  • Complex Numbers Course

    by Adam Beatty 5 Lessons in

    Understand Complex Numbers in a jiffy!

    Com­plex Num­bers are one of the most use­ful math­em­at­ic­al tools avail­able for sci­ence and engin­eer­ing. They are abso­lutely neces­sary and vital in order for any real ana­lys­is to be per­formed. Com­plex num­bers greatly sim­pli­fy what would be oth­er­wise impen­et­rable mathematics.…

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