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If you’re stuck or stressed with a phys­ics top­ic then you’ve come to the right place.

Why is it that most You­Tube les­sons are free and on intro­duct­ory top­ics? Surely it’s because takes time, effort and money to dis­cuss advanced top­ics. Uni­ver­sity Phys­ics Tutori­als: for 3rd and final year students.

In the past I struggled to find clear, under­stand­able study-resources for phys­ics at uni­ver­sity level — par­tic­u­larly for Quantum Mech­an­ics. This was incred­ibly frus­trat­ing for me.

I’ve wasted an enorm­ous amount of time study­ing. It shouldn’t be this pain­ful. I’ve worked so hard and yet I often felt like I was get­ting nowhere!!! 😥


Get Star­ted With the Courses Now

It feels incred­ible to finally under­stand some­thing you’ve spend ages strug­gling with. It’s even sweeter when those around you that took ‘short-cuts’ are still strug­gling! Hard work genu­inely pays off.

There are myri­ad resources for phys­ics and maths. The Kahn Academy and Patrick JMT were the best for me. They really helped me out. The ques­tion is, what resources are there for the advanced under­gradu­ate courses? Very few that I’ve found unfor­tu­nately.  Rarely, if ever, did I find them. I wasted a crazy 😕 amount of time trawl­ing the inter­net for the explan­a­tions I needed.


Your Exams Needn’t be Stress­ful. You Can Ace Them.

I know this because I’ve done it and oth­ers have aced exams after work­ing with me. What this means to you is that top grades are are with­in your reach.

Only a fool learns from his own mistakes.

The wise man learns from the mis­takes of oth­ers”  — Otto von Bismarck

What this really means to you is that you don’t have to struggle with everything on your own. Pressure’s for tyres and stress is for beams.  Great grades don’t neces­sit­ate great emo­tion­al stress. Learn from my mis­takes.

The reas­on I say this, is that by under­stand­ing, you can adapt. With adapt­ab­il­ity comes con­fid­ence. Con­fid­ence allows you to move towards aca­dem­ic excel­lence and emo­tion­al well-being. Stress becomes a thing of the past.

I feel that all stu­dents should exper­i­ence everything that edu­ca­tion has to offer. Max­im­ise your study-time to free-up your time for friends and social­ising! Let me help you do that.



My pur­pose with you right now is to wel­come you. I offer my help with that which I can. My best work is new­est. My most recent work is on Quantum Mech­an­ics. There are over 600 oth­er videos being used by 5000+ people each day across the world.

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Uni­ver­sity Phys­ics Tutori­als — for clar­ity and understanding


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